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Your Clergy

Fr John Emerson, FSSP

Fr John Emerson was ordained to the priesthood in June 1981 and incardinated into the FSSP in November 1988. He is based in Edinburgh, Scotland.





Fr Armand de Malleray, FSSP

Fr de Malleray was born in 1971 in Anjou, France, in a large practising Catholic family. He grew up in the Loire Valley, in the Diocese of Nantes. From thirteen to twenty-three, he lived in Paris for college and university studies, reading Modern Literature at the Sorbonne.

He left France in 1994 and never since resided in his home country. After military service in Budapest, Hungary, he entered St Peter’s International Seminary in Bavaria in 1995, where he was ordained a priest in 2001. Later that summer, he was sent to England, being assigned to St Bede’s Parish, Clapham Park, in the Archdiocese of Southwark. In 2004, he was asked to take up an administrative position at the General House of the FSSP in Fribourg, Switzerland. Fr de Malleray also became the Chaplain of the Juventutem movement.

In August 2008, Fr de Malleray was sent back to Our Lady’s Dowry, to set up the new permanent base of FSSP England in Reading, in the Portsmouth Diocese. As well as his daily ministry at St William of York Church, Fr de Malleray has been involved in Dowry, the quarterly magazine of the FSSP in England; in giving spiritual retreats to laity and clergy. As of 2007, Fr de Malleray, is Chaplain of the Confraternity of St Peter (the 5,000 strong international sodality linked with the FSSP). Since November 2015, he is the Rector of St Mary’s Shrine in Warrington, while remaining the superior of the English apostolate of the FSSP.


Fr Konrad Loewenstein, FSSP

Fr Konrad Loewenstein, FSSP was born in England in 1958, of Bavarian descent. After A-levels, he studied at Oxford (Christ Church) and later taught in the U.S.A. He joined the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter in 1997, studying at our motherhouse in Wigratzbad. After his priestly ordination in 2002, he taught at our seminary and later on started our apostolate in Venice, Italy, where he served for a decade. In November 2017, he came to St Mary’s Warrington temporarily, and is now assigned there for six months. Fr Lowenstein’s brother is also a priest, in the English Dominican province, and his late father was a well-known supporter of the traditional Latin Mass.


Fr Matthew Goddard, FSSP

Fr Matthew Goddard, the Superior of Reading’s Latin Mass Community, was born into a musical family in Kent. Raised Anglican, he converted to Catholicism in 1988. After reading Theology at the University of Southampton he subsequently worked in the Social Care field in Southampton, Glasgow and Kent. His last role was that of Housing Manager for a national housing association, running ‘half way houses.’

He entered the Fraternity of St Peter’s international seminary in North America in 2002 and was ordained to the priesthood in May 2009. After 3 years ministering as Assistant Priest in the Fraternity of St Peter’s parish in Ottawa, Canada, he was assigned to Reading as Assistant Priest in July 2012 and has been leading the Community since September 2015.



Fr Ian Verrier, FSSP

Fr Ian Verrier, the Assistant Priest at St Mary’s Shrine, Warrington, was born in Birmingham and raised an Anglican. He read Music at The University of Birmingham, during which time he became a Catholic.

He pursued postgraduate cello performance at The Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) and gained a Post Graduate Certificate in Education with specialist string teaching at the RNCM and The Manchester Metropolitan University. He plays the cello, harpsichord, piano and organ.

He taught Catechism and Music whilst being Head of the Lower School at a Catholic boarding school in France, before entering the Fraternity’s international seminary in North American in 2008. There, among other duties, he was organist, led the polyphonic choir and a Gregorian chant schola. He was ordained to the priesthood in May 2015.




Fr James Mawdsley, FSSP

Fr James Mawdsley was born in 1973 to an English father and Australian mother. He was raised Catholic in Mawdesley, Lancashire, with his sister and two brothers. At university James studied physics and philosophy, and around this time fell far away from the Church. Disillusioned by the unreal philosophy at university, he dropped out after one and a half years. Campaigning in Burma in defence of human dignity, he was imprisoned for challenging the military junta. In prison he received the Holy Bible. Repenting, he experienced a deep joy, saying God changed his cell from hell to heaven. Convinced by this that Jesus is Divine and that God is Love, James subsequently returned to prison and became similarly convinced that the Roman Catholic Church is truly the Bride and Body of Christ, for uniquely her voice, her reach and her touch are Jesus Christ’s.

After being released in 2000, James sought to promote human dignity through more conventional politics, standing as a candidate for the European Parliament in 2004 and for Westminster in 2005. However that September he was surprised by a distinct call to the priesthood. In 2009 he enrolled for formation at the FSSP’s seminary in Wigratzbad, Bavaria, and in July 2016 was ordained a priest. He now serves the Reading-based apostolate.



Fr Seth Phipps, FSSP

Fr Phipps was born in Bath, England, where he was raised as an Anglican. He studied Classics at Oxford, where he became Catholic. While completing a doctorate in the obscure topic of ‘Greek poetry in the fourth century BC’, he felt God’s call to the priesthood, and after discovering the FSSP through a retreat in Reading, he entered the seminary in Denton, Nebraska in 2011. He was ordained to the sacred priesthood at St Mary’s, Warrington, in June 2018.

Fr Phipps’s main ‘extracurricular’ interests are music (at one time he wished to be a professional orchestral musician, while at seminary he sang in the chant and polyphonic scholas) and football (he was captain of the seminary team until age took its toll).




Fr Patrick O’Donohue

Fr Patrick O’Donohue is originally from Clare in the west of Ireland. Subsequent to receiving a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Philosophy from the National University of Ireland, his time as a Seminarian at the Pontifical Irish College earned him a theology degree from the Gregorian University in Rome. He was later awarded a Bachelor of Philosophy and a Licentiate of Sacred Theology, with a thesis topic centred on the theology of Pope Benedict XVI.

Following his ordination on the Feast of Corpus Christi in 2010, he served for four years as a University Chaplain in Galway, after which he was assigned to parish ministry near Galway city. He spent a total of three years in the parishes of the Good Shepherd and the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary prior to arriving at the Reading apostolate in September 2017.